Alexander Telin
photographer & writer based in copenhagen, denmark


alexander [at] treesaremygods [.] com


I have no roots, no place to call home, in the traditional sense. I’ve moved around too much for that since my early days. So did my ancestors. Perhaps that is why I am particularly sensitive to how I connect to place — through nature and the many intimate moments of belonging it can offer. I may be culturally uprooted, yet I have found kinship and a firm sense of home among trees and, more broadly, out in the wild. It is that kinship, that feeling of both awe and comradery, that I humbly aim to channel through my work.

My big dream is to be able to live my life spending a big portion of it in the wilderness and telling the world about what we’re about to lose if we let a blind faith in the proverbial progress rule unchecked.

a few random facts:

–   I speak four languages
–   I’ve lived in nine countries on three continents
–   I am a northerner
–   I am too stubborn and suspicious to be part of any organized form of faith so I find myself some place along the animism — paganism continuum
–   Forest is home
–   I have a master’s degree in friluftsliv/ human geography from a Norwegian university
–   Love is love
–   I like learning new things
–   I want to learn more about herbalism and the plant world in general
–   Science fiction: YES!
–   I really need to upgrade to a full-frame camera (currently shoot with Nikon D7000 with a prime 50mm lens)